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                                        YADKIN VALLEY TEA PARTY - 




February 2 News

As Americans voted in the Iowa elections let’s remember the facts. Due to the Obama / Clinton regime our freedoms are quickly evaporating. Moreover, as angry voters cast the first votes to bring the Republic back the Obama / Clinton regime is secretly meeting with Rhinos to pass TPP which further cuts US jobs and floods America with more illegal aliens from Asia. Yes America as heartland voters most of which are raised with firearms and Christian values the Obama / Clinton regime which armed the Sinaloa Mexican Cartel is blocking guns from facebook and demanding that it become illegal for parents to allow their children to shoot a gun. As the state run regime media attacks freedom minded Americans the regime leader seeks out a mosque to join in worship. As the Obama / Clinton regime cuts our border security by half Putin orders the Pentagon computers hacked. Who knows besides the Benghazi families how many more American lives are in jeopardy due to Hillary’s incompetence. And America while heartland voters are seeking to restore fiscal security the Obama / Hillary regime just sent America over 19 trillion dollars in debt. Each American child now has over 58,000 dollars of debt. More news is coming tomorrow!  



Last night the leader of the regime gave his supposed last state of disunion speech. We’ve been preparing data coming to us from multiple sources of the real threats facing each of us and we request you read and educate yourselves. Then, spread this to others.

Currently, Iran is exerting its influence over the Middle East and has captured 10 US Navy Sailors in an act that appears very suspicious. The regime leader for unknown reason refuses to speak to you about your sons and daughters taken by the world sponsor of terrorism. At the same time ISIS conducts another deadly attack in Turkey and is responsible for the rape of thousands of Europeans over the New Year’s celebration. In the meantime, since 2014 reports continue to arrive of terrorist threatening further attacks on America and as we witnessed succeeded in California. America you need to understand that right now US Law Enforcement is reporting that US drones flying the US / Mex border have been hacked and are being used to unknown purposes. However, Texas Sheriffs are trying their best to warn you of immediate Islamic threats crossing into the US. This isn’t a secret and has been reported by CBS, Fox, and other news outlets but only in brief discussions. Why? Folks, terror cells are in all 50 states and building their numbers. Many suspected Islamic terrorist have disappeared from US Military Installations here in the land of the free. If you don’t understand that Iran is behind much of this then think again and educate yourself. Question remains: Just what does Hillary know and why was she forced to lie about gun running to Islamic terrorist? Then, America why is the regime leader refusing to discuss our 10 US soldiers forced to surrender to Iranian forces? Wake up America!       


Merry Christmas Patriots! Despite attempts by socialist and their useful idiots to undermine our Christian Heritage and love for freedom and liberty we still worship the one true God despite threats. Without doubt the regime will continue to attack the exceptional history of the land that God gave to our forefather’s. We have much work as 2016 dawns. The new alignment of Rhino Republicans and their cohorts will work to block the hopes of Patriots seeking to restore the Republic. Growing Islamic threats to Christians are real and certain to attack. Sadly they cannot have occurred without the blessings and backing of the current Regime and the former Secretary of State. We ask that you pray for God’s guidance and this Christmas remember the birth of His Son the true giver of Freedom and Liberty granted from Him to us via His death and resurrection. In 1787 the natural rights called the Bill of Rights was penned not from Gov’t to us but from God. It is from Him that James Madison, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others sought protection. Remember the words written in Luke’s Gospel (2:14) “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors.” Merry Christmas Patriots you are the hope for future generations!     



The Republican party has dissolved the power of the legislative branch with granting and funding all the projects demanded by the regime. All illegal aliens crossing the Southern Border will be funded as well as all Sanctuary cities across the once land of the free. Ryan negotiated away any chance to block ISIS imbedded terrorist heading to the US! For what? Oil exports… yes America. And even more disturbing... Rubio refuses to stand and vote against this loss of freedom! In the meantime thousands of possible terrorist already suspected in the US have disappeared. In Virginia schools have closed due to American anger at their kids being forced into Islamic doctrine. In NC another possible ISIS plan to blow up a school. Even the Secretary of Defense hints that we are facing the War of Wars but says this in Iraq! Wake up America! Call your reps and demand they stand and fight. Over Christmas pray for God’s guidance and redouble security measures for your family.

Dec 17, News
Yadkin Valley Tea Party meeting tonight! America! Today the betrayal of your cherished rights and freedoms happened despite a Republican controlled House and Senate under the leadership of new speaker Paul Ryan. We warned you that Ryan over Webster would be a disaster and as predicted it is even worse. All sanctuary cities are now fully funded, resettlement of all illegal aliens fully funded, Islamic refugee of which over 100,000 from Syria are already here is fully funded, Obamacare is strengthened to the point undoing is very difficult, Obama spending for liberal special interest funded through 2016 including global warming legislation. The result, Obama’s socialist agenda to fully transform America is completed. Without doubt the socialist victory without a struggle is pushing ahead a full bill to ban all assault type weapons. Also tonight we will be discussing an attempt to circumvent NC HB 562 which will place more restrictions on firearms.  This and more will be discussed tonight in our monthly meeting. 

Dec 10, News

We know many of you are concentrating on your family and friends during the Christmas season but troubling information continues to come our way. As we mentioned in breaking news another US Citizen is attacked by unknown IA’s and are now perhaps in your neighborhood. Folks yet another surge is occurring in Texas and much of which has been continually left wide open. Islamic terrorist have been documented sending encrypted messages from the same areas. All across the border violence is on the increase and several law enforcement working that area have told us that they feel the new surge is a decoy allowing higher value drugs and human smuggling into America. Combine this info with accounts already documented that ISIS is working with the Mexican cartels especially the Gulf and Sinaloa. Next, homeland security can’t monitor the Syrian refugees in the US or break encrypted messages. To further complicate security measures the regime has released another high value terrorist from Gitmo. The data suggest and points to Islamic terrorist planning new operations on our homeland. America you need to wake up your friends and family! Take appropriate security measures to protect your home and family and moreover pray for guidance and direction. If another liar-in-chief is elected our Christian values will disappear and be replaced by values that detest individual freedoms and the ability to defend our own property.  We suggest that if your in the area please visit our friends at USA Tactical as you shop for Christmas.

Nov 26, News

We in the Yadkin Valley Tea Party wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and agree with Obama that you should talk about gun control. Well we mean real American God given gun control which means taking your best rifle and bring down the tradition Thanksgiving deer and then take your best shot guns and find the right turkey! Then after eating the traditional American feast grab some ammo practice gun control! Hitting the bullseye on the first shot! After all with a socialist in power China is redoubling efforts to become the world power and while the Obama regime preaches Marxism the Russians continue its military build up in Syria. You know all too well that the progressives are changing the Christian concepts of America and today wish us to think of ISIS as pilgrim refugees! We know you know better! Today we ask that you talk about the future of the Republic. Word coming to us recently from border enforcement is a new wave of decoys flooding our border and the fear is that this is deliberate to overwhelm us to allow more dangerous elements into the land of the free. We ask you to talk about the rhinos trying to attack true conservatives. We also ask that you stand with our military trying to hold the line and also give praise to a truly patriotic American sheriff in Georgia. Also, remember this election because the Marxist has labeled you as the real enemy. Lastly, give praise to the one true God that gave his Son Jesus Christ to spread true freedom, liberty and this great exceptional nation! It's up to you to hold the line! Happy Thanksgiving!  

Nov 18, News
England warns of terror cells growing in the United States. Honduras apprehends potential terrorist heading to the United States. Obama slams America for harming widows and 3 year old refugees as a widow detonates a suicide bomb. And finally, liberals seek to stop the terrorist by disarming American citizens. Are we entering an upside down world? 

Nov 16, 2015
Today we must reflect and disseminate the threats to our Republic. We know and have reported to you for years that US Law enforcement report ISIS and other Islamic terrorist have attempted and have succeeded in entering the United States. Now we know as reported by European sources that ISIS has penetrated Europe via this mass migration from Syria. Plus, we know that as ISIS carried out a coordinated attack on France has also and repeatedly announced England and the United States are next. So what should we do? The president announced today that no change should be made and we will be taking in more Islamic “refugees.” Several Republicans have also agreed to include the new speaker of the house to bring in thousands. In fact many are already here in NC , Ohio, and other cities in the US. Enforcement has repeatedly told us that there is no way to vet individuals from Syria or surrounding Islamic states based on their passports and/or visas. All we have is their word. The Quran teaches that it is good to lie to non-muslims. America, we have already been attacked multiple times lest we forget 911. Therefore all data points to greater danger to our homeland and in fact a number of military weapons were stolen here after the Paris attacks. Sadly as Islamist were murdering innocent individuals in France the President quietly released Bin Laden's personal body guard. In conclusion, the president has said no change in plans, no war declarations, and more Islamist are coming. What could possibly go wrong?  Join us and pray for guidance and courage and demand action before it’s too late.    

Nov 14, 2015
For years we have reported that numerous law enforcement and national security experts have tried to warn us that terrorist are attempting and have succeeded in gaming our security measures. Numerous individuals from nations supporting terrorism have been caught along our wide open border with Mexico. Numerous others have used our visa waiver programs, DACA, as well as overstayed student visas. Friday night was yet another reminder that there is a concerted strategy by ISIS to conduct operations against the west. Our current administration besieged in blunders to include Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the removal of US forces from Iraq which gave ISIS the green light. Tonight let’s pray for God’s guidance, the people of France and Christians around the world now under attack. Then, redouble our efforts to place in office representatives that will secure our borders, protect American jobs, restore a free economy, and defend freedom.

Nov 6, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Possible fraud involving deceptive research and fabrications to prove global warming exposed in NOAA. Kathryn Sullivan (Agency Administrator  NOAA) is attempting to evade a federal ordered subpoenas to turn over evidence. Global warming backers Thomas Karl and Andrew A. Rosenberg a scientist with NOAA and linked to its sustainable development program which is part of the Blue to White water initiative sponsored by the United Nations Agenda 21 program joins in an attempt to stop uncovering falsified data eerily reminiscent of the fake data exposed in emails from the UN’s IPCC back in 2010. Recent anger at forced fishing reductions in New England and the Gulf of Mexico which charter boat operators call a deliberate attempt to shut down independent US fishing without any empirical scientific data is an attack on our freedoms. Just what else is being hidden from public consumption?     

Nov 5, 2015

We are proud to announce the arrival of a special speaker to talk with us on November 19! She needs no introduction as she has been fighting to save our guaranteed freedoms granted to us from God through the US Constitution. Folks Jan Morgan is a champion of freedom and liberty and will be with us this month! In the meantime as we have constantly warned there is a decided effort to undermine our freedom and economic strengths. It’s called global warming. This week a renewed effort is underway to fire or imprison scientist that dare refute the junk science fomented from the UN and its liberal social justice cahoots. New information about rigged stats and outright dismissal of solar and geothermal data is being deliberately altered and / or omitted. Why? It’s obvious to bring down the United States and remove the freedoms found nowhere else on this God created planet. Folks there is no warming and please educate those around you! Yes, the distortion and blatant lies from socialist is eerily reminiscent of another time when Protestants were rounded up as well as scientific scholars and tortured by Catholic Jesuits in the name of the Pope.  Are we heading back into the dark ages?        

Nov 1, 2015
As Halloween winds down the reality of the new world situation deepens. Yet another American is taken hostage by Iran. Illegal Aliens on the loose and attacking residents across Georgia and Islamic aliens are suddenly disappearing in Germany. Is this part of a plan to push universal identification worldwide? Agenda 21 opponents will mention such chances to gain world order can’t happen without gun control. Well Sheriff Clark has a warning to you regarding Obama and his cronies. Remember, as Cruz demonstrated in the last debate. The regime also has the media in his pocket. Plus the progressives have the secret police which is complicit with the media. The mystery is how Hillary keeps from indictment. It appears there are more mystery emails regarding Obama and may link to the regimes activities with black lives matter. Then, Ryan’s position as Speaker may be just a covert checkmate to make all investigation disappear before the elections. Well America stand behind real Conservatives that know how to fight back. Wake up America!

October 17, 2015

If 2016 hasn’t sunk into your daily prayers will let us explain the seriousness. The Communist News Network is daily altering the truth of Israel’s imminent danger and helping to wipe out final pockets of Christians in the Middle East. While at the same time Obama’s progressive regime is rewriting US History and is creating a special office to monitor patriotic Americans and by the way official calls them terrorist. The question is what are they really attempting to build? Ever wonder how the progressives sought indictment on Gen Petraeus but Queen Hillary is being completely covered by the state run media for her crimes! Furthermore, Rhinos and their corporate cronies are trying to bankrupt our children and bring back the failed export bank. And finally, if patriotic liberty minded US citizens don’t wake up in 2016 our personal freedoms will face extinction.  

As the socialist sat silent with disdain as the Pope lectured them against murder the undercurrent continues to build. This past week we all heard the news that a courageous defender of freedom was kicked out of the US Army by an out of touch regime. Moreover as Christians are executed in the middle east Islam continues to show its ugly truth. Folks it can’t be clearer that hope is still trying to speak. Today the world is troubled due to the dereliction of duty that is the Obama regime. However, you are having an effect. Today a Rhino has stepped down. Pray the Republicans place a real conservative patriot in charge!  


The world has turned upside down. America as of today thanks to combined support by rhino republicans and the majority of democrat representatives the will of the American people has been undermined. The socialist regime which scorns Israel and detests the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees is giving the pro-Islamic government that is funding terrorism and has killed US soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan their dream weapon!  Nuclear armed ballistic weapon capabilities! At the same time the regime is pushing a carbon tax to kill our infrastructure.  Moreover as our law enforcement are being murdered in dramatic fashion the regime is silent. The very people pushing death to US enforcement are comparable to Islamist chanting death to America. Even China seeing the decline of America is seeking out any Christians trying to spread hope and freedom. We ask you, "is this just a coincidence?"  America we are entering as grave a crisis as faced Europe in 1936. It’s time to stand up and join those seeking  freedom and liberty and make the time to be in Washington, DC on September 9! CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: GLENN BECK, MARK LEVIN, TED CRUZ, DONALD TRUMP! In the meantime pray for guidance and direction.   

August 17, 2015

It has been a tragic summer for much of the west. Forest fires have doted the landscape but little explanation. In fact not since 2011 have real attempts been made to see the correlation with an unsecured border. Odd given that the federal government (GAO report) and later the Department of Homeland Security warned up through 2013 that terrorist organizations are planning such fires. One of which occurred this year adjacent to a nuclear power plant. The media stated it was from a magical lighter. The forest service tells us that human interaction creates much of the fires but  liberals always find the magical lightning strike even in drought torn areas with no storms to report. Why? Well we can show you direct evidence of how many fires are set. The media may have no clue or as the Mexican DTO’s (Drug Trafficking Organizations) deliberately misleading you because the truth would point to securing the border and removing all aliens that come in illegally but when caught the regime turns loose into our streets. If Islamic Terrorist and Mexican Cartels have found setting fires beneficial for operations along the border then why not across the interior?  Wake up America!

August 14, 2015

Where is the media? More peace officers murdered and guess by whom?  Americans are standing in record numbers at soup kitchens and food banks are running out.  ISIS has announced a new offensive against the families of military on our turf.  Yesterday it was disclosed by a Harvard student that your location is deliberately being tracked on facebook. More shocking is the numbers of aliens have surpassed 40 million but who’s counting anyway?  Our debt clock has been sitting silent for several months. Plus, guess which rhino presidential candidate is supporting illegal aliens? America it was reported that a massive contaminated spill occurred in Colorado but no one (in the media) is reporting that it was an odd spill in an ironic area. Folks reports coming to us suggest you remember the past attacks on private  property via the EPA as well as the latest attempts to gain control of all water sources in the US. Has the EPA become a threat to American security?  Is this deliberate? Evidence supports that it’s not just possible it is policy and behind this latest spill.  Makes you wonder about all the Forrest Fires caused by “lightening.”  And… can we say the deliberate release of illegal aliens into our streets to commit murder! Folks research for yourself and share with your family and friends. Then pray for guidance and don’t get fooled.     

August 5, 2015

This is more than disturbing than anything since the socialist experiments the NAZI regime incorporated. America it’s happening right here in the land of the free. Folks you have to wake up your friends and neighbors.  As the UN seeks to push “sustainable development” which is nothing but propaganda our own regime is giving billions to an Islamic nation that just this week pledged to destroy us. Folks Islamic individuals are right now openly intimidating our service men and women on our turf!  And how are supporters of Obama reacting? It should shock you. America our nation needs you to stand and our borders need immediate attention.  Who will stand and demand that the horror of Planned Parenthood be stopped? Who will work to make sure rhinos are removed from power?  Across our Nation a movement to right the wrongs is building and we ask that you pray for guidance and leadership. Then, work to take America back.

July 20, 2015
As the UN joins with the Obama regime to give Iran the green light for terror expansion the regime sends a Islamic radical to investigate the murder of 5 American servicemen in Tn. Then prepares more illegal action to go after the 2nd Amendment. Meanwhile our healthcare system once the best the world faces new doctor shortages while at the same time enrollment numbers the regime counted continues to be another lie. Word continues to arrive to us that the illegal busing of aliens across the country and yesterday reports of millions of illegal aliens are still arriving. All data supports much more criminal activity upon US Citizens and its being done purposely and without remorse by the regime. Who else benefits with open borders? Corporations that also are in the pocket of the regime. However the only news being covered by state run media is comments from Trump about a censured rhino Republican who did nothing to help veterans in his home state which first broke the news of the VA scandal.  Seems the socialist and rhinos have joined forces yet again! We ask you to stand firm and pray to Christ for guidance     

July 17, 2015
We are saddened to report yet another Islamic attack on US soil but we feel this is just a prelude to the disaster that is the Obama regime. We want you to remember that we've been reporting our wide open borders and years ago we explained how Iran is moving operations around the world. In South America Iranian special forces (Quds Force) has been preparing for operations for years. All they need to complete the build up of terror cells across the US is weak border protection and defunct administration bent on appeasement. Well, all has been accomplished and now Iran is posed to obtain massive missile development to include nuclear weapons. America even Neville Chamberlain would be screaming at us to please pay attention. Hitler didn't have atomic weapons but this time an equally radical nation (Iran) will. Will WW III start on our soil?    

July 13, 2015

With American citizens returning from Independence Day vacations the socialist are in full attack of all the freedoms gained after 1776. Freedom of speech, press, and especially religion is quickly eroding. Watch out ... the infamous world tax is being pushed by the very people who refuse to abide by current laws! Plus renewed attempts to end the 2nd Amendment are in the works. The reason for all of this as reported by the so called “free press” is the Battle Flag carried by the Army of Northern Virginia. Demands are being made to remove this flag which is an American Flag from all federal properties. Socialist want Confederate graves removed as well as the statues.  Let’s try to put this together. While the battle flag is the only news. Over 36,000 illegal aliens that have committed major felonies have been released on our streets. A 32 year old American citizen was gunned down in her dad’s arm asking him to “help.” Yesterday the leader of the largest DTO (drug trafficking organization) in the world was for some reason transferred from US custody (i.e. released) back to Mexico where a tunnel 30 ft deep and over one mile in length was dug just outside of Mexico City and El Chappo  was freed. He is the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel responsible for tens of thousands deaths and is directly linked to Obama’s town of Chicago. A “high ranking” Sinaloa cartel operative just 2 years ago attempted in a bizarre arrest to link Fast and Furious to the current Marxist regime.  Guess who was an attorney early on with people linked to the Sinaloa Cartel?  Making matters worse the Marxist over the 4th gave the Supreme Court the finger and verified sources came forward linking the Marxist regime not to just silence Conservatives but to somehow force them into jail! Where was the state run media? Why will the press remain silent? Oh and by the way the Jesuit pope is after the hallmark achievement of freedom… capitalism. What else could go wrong for liberty? Well how about the Marxist regime giving in to Iran and allowing them to become armed with Nuclear Weapons while the Iranian citizens chant “death to America!”  Also over the 4th The presidential candidate attempting to stand for Liberty is called out by every socialist group connected with the regime but one by one Republican rhinos reveal they to stand against you! At least some in America are standing for freedom and are not afraid to reveal this nation as a Christian nation ordained by God. To them Independence Day still remains in their hearts. How about you?

June 27, 2015

We are approaching the end of a very tragic week in American History.  The Supreme Court has ruled that Almighty God is no longer the power that gave us unalienable rights as the Founders mentioned in all our Revolutionary War Documents. Now America we have been ordered to obey the Federal Government and its new god SCOTUS. The dismantling of Christianity is coming not in just the military ranks which we’ve already reported with our Chaplains being silenced mentioning Christ or even writing about Christ will lead to court martial. Now look for persecution in business, schools, press, petitioning,  and finally the local church ministers. The last time we faced such a threat was by the hands of an oppressive British Crown that openly ordered the arrest of Baptist Ministers causing an Attorney by the name of Patrick Henry to jump into action. Will civil disobedience follow once again? In the meantime we heard Thursday from a border sheriff that ISIS is here and that the corridors established by Mexican Cartels are emplace and ready to reek the same violence we’ve reported rampant across South America. Folks it’s just a matter of time before we are attacked. The current administration has continually lied and cover upped the blatant attempt to trample the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. This July 4 let’s talk with our families and neighbors to remember why this nation was formed. Then, pause with prayer and seek guidance.  We can never let our God given freedoms vanish.    

June 15, 2015
Let's paint the picture of the new America the progressives are creating. Being gay is the new norm. Forcing repopulation of American cities without knowledge with illegal aliens. Illegal aliens convicted of felonies such as rape are being released into US cities without notifying local authorities. In fact the federal government is purposely conspiring to keep us all in the dark! They (socialist) are attempting to make sure illegal immigrants will flood your states and local enforcement will be powerless to stop. It's called TISA / TPP. It is the Trojan horse on a massive scale! Of all places North Dakota sends a warning of what will happen in the coming years. Because of the work to remake America with open the borders violence is on the increase and the Border Patrol is switching to armor plated Blackhawks. No wonder the Office of Sheriff is under attack by the regime. We documented the threat here in NC with HB 562. Out west one sheriff is holding back the IRS.  Will the lies spread by the regime ever stop? Will America wake up to the tactics of Saul Alinsky. It's up to you before the new picture of us is painted and freedom is gone. Wake up America. 

JUNE 12, 2015 NEWS!
Don't let anyone fool you! We've heard the lies before but the Liar-In-Chief and his useful idiots are going into full swing action. What the regime and republican rhinos (via Chamber of Commerce) are about to do is kill US jobs and force wages to plummet even farther and force the US Border to dissolve. Folks we're warning you because the legislation is about to go for a full vote with very few allowed to read the bill. Sound familiar? The votes cast today do not kill the plan but serves as a feeler for further legislation! This is just a part of a major push to attack our freedoms and ability to defend the Constitution. Amnesty will forever change the Republic into a socialist nightmare. Furthermore word has arrived that the test we documented of ending gun rights via ammo banning is in deed getting ready to happen without a single vote from Congress. The regime is going to force it into action. Stay alert! 

May 27, 2015
As the world faces the threat of Islam we in the YVTP see more alarming developments in the land of the free. Liberals admit the deliberate collapse of our Southern Border with proof (as we've reported since 2010) that over 30 million aliens live among us. Just put this into perspective. Recently the regime purposely released back to the battlefield leaders of Islamic Terrorist organizations. At the same time the regime is working to degrade our military effectiveness which is tied to the US border strategy. This also has the support of several Republican rhino's. The matter becomes more serious as our food supply faces new threats with the "new open trade deal with communist." When our elected officials are told "you can't take any notes" it has to be bad. Last week our free speech rights faced a direct attack that now appears to be just over the horizon. However, our most cherished and fought over right "to worship Christ" is facing an all out attack. News "just broke" of a Marine being kicked out for having a Bible Verse on her computer. Folks this could end the role of Chaplains and faith within our military. This is part of the overall strategy to erode the United States. Christianity is quickly being silenced across the "home of the brave." In the vacuum the socialist useful idiots create conflict which we witnessed in Baltimore and Chicago and in other communities. Just today our most secure sites... military installations face threats IN THE HOMELAND... not heard of before 2009. Perhaps Billy Graham's family is right on the mark!       

May 7, 2015
We bring to you disturbing news that's not entering the mainstream media. Last year as we were co-producing the documentary The Border States of America. We reported a Mexican attack upon our Border Patrol. Well it's been almost a year later and DHS has quietly confirmed this act of war. Why should this be of immediate concern for you? Well... the Border Patrol has warned for someone to listen that our nation is wide open! New tunnels are being found daily entering the United States. We pause to convey this question. "Why are people secretly entering and being protected by entities such as the Mexican military? WAKE UP AMERICA!   

May 6, 2015
Folks we have much to go over and news of increased violence along our border grows weekly. The men and women we need to protect us are purposely being targeted by the Marxist-in-chief through his socialist cronies. You need to stay educated but better yet prepare and pray for guidance because the republic is changing rapidly. Massive illegal invasions are now coming from Asia and the Marxist is opening a ferry line directly with communist Cuba. Is it possible that terror cells are now staging for further attacks? Yes America! Let's start with Minnesota where direct links have already been established! Meanwhile the socialist demand to go after the guns of citizens but in the cities with the harshest gun laws the men in blue are being killed weekly! In fact 38 since January. Where is the media? It's only becoming more surreal. The military is causing concern with drills in civilian areas and schools are indoctrinating our children to turn away from the Bible. Even in the "Bible Belt" pressure from the socialist brought down a Christian Flag. We are quickly moving to the point where our schools will teach that the Founders where not Christian and that God didn't give us the right to life and liberty as the Revolution once revealed but it was instead government. Are we being warned by God to return to him? Do we need a revival? Well... we need you to pray and ask for guidance and lets take America back by electing strong Conservatives. 

April 28, 2015
Report that the riots in Baltimore are because the city refuses social justice. Say what? A city that is controlled by a liberal African American mayor, city council and a African American police chief! So typical ... socialist blame everyone else in true Alinsky fashion! In reality socio-pathetic marxist purposely put these people in position to revolt. It's the game of deception to keep the "useful idiots" confused and repeat lie after lie until it's believed i.e. "hands up don't shoot." However, the real target of Marxist is clear and apparent. The faith and moral beliefs of the United States. Hillary Clinton went as far as calling our fundamental 1st Amendment rights given by God as no longer valid. America, we call on each citizen of the last great hope of freedom to pray for guidance. We look around this nation and watch the proponents of evil trample our liberties. Case in point is Wisconsin which is putting light on how we will be targeted. Again Christians are at the heart to be targeted not only in their work environment but even against those protecting the US Constitution. T0 help their slogan "the ends justify the means" the Marxist-in-chief has not only shredded his oath to protect the citizens of freedom but is openly and without remorse sending into our streets criminals that are committing  heinous crimes upon us everyday. Wake up America and talk with your friends and neighbors. We live in a world quickly eroding into chaos and one of reasons this is deliberately occurring is the loss of vision coming from the United States of America.   

April 15, 2015
It's Tax Day! As citizens work to make a honest living and pay ever increasing taxes protest by the Marxist useful idiots increase against the very people we pay to protect us! While at the same time word in Europe of Russian advances are on the increase and Snowden seems nervous. Should we? Remember when we warned everyone of strange developments along our border and produced "The Border States of America?" Yesterday reports came that verified ISIS training camps near Columbus, NM and El Paso, TX. Pay attention because this has been reported several times with the media largely silent. Well it is interesting that as the Marxist pushes to give Iran nuclear weapons Russia and China increase aggressive acts. Plus, Russia is sending air defense missiles into Iran to make sure no one attacks Iran's nuclear missile sites. Again we ask "Are you paying attention?" As our law enforcement agents are frantically trying to secure or hard fought liberties the Marxist works to undermine and belittle our fundamental faith. America we are living in world going insane. We look forward to seeing everyone at our meeting in Statesville Thursday!   

April 2, 2015
With the anniversary of the death and resurrection of the Son of God approaching we ask each of you to pray for liberty. The regime leader at Easter chose to save Barabbas and his socialist "useful idiots" go after anyone seeking to hold on to their faith in Christ. It's the world in which we now reside. The largest exporter in terror has lost any fear from the nation representing the greatest hope of freedom. Why? Look at our public education and our chamber of commerce! Plus, the land that gave us hope and salvation is being attacked by the organization established to end the holocaust! Just look at who our regime leader actually supports and works closely with! Folks just look around. The same regime is actively working to undermine your ability to keep liberty via voting. Over Easter we ask that you pray and stand with Christ and oppose those that love the world

March 18, 2015
Despite the illegal attempt to change the election it appears to have failed. There is so much that the liberal media seeks to keep silent please keep this site in your favorites. Tell us... are your shocked that Clinton hid the truth from the American people? One of the main culprits working to undue the freedoms we all cherish is the Chamber of Commerce. Review this history and pass it on to others. Also, to stay informed utilize the new Tea Party Patriots website which will keep you informed weekly about developments in Congress! Folks it is a very dangerous time for freedom and we ask each of you to pray for guidance. We look forward to seeing everyone Thursday in Statesville! 

March 4, 2015
As Israel approaches US citizens and warns of the clear and imminent threat to liberty the regime scores and puts another nail in the coffin that holds freedom. America the regime has put freedom up for sale! In the meantime with net neutrality gone freedom of speech is removed from those that speak up! In New Mexico some students are doing something our House and Senate members lack the courage to do! So who is next to face the loss of Liberty?  

The Republicans told us in 2009 to give them back the House of Representatives and they will stop Obama's socialist plans. You did it and nothing happened. Then, in 2012 they said give us the Senate and we will stop the regime. You did it in 2014! Yesterday, the Republican Senate leader caved without a fight to a regime that will stop at nothing to silence liberty to include sending all its resources to silence "we the people." A brave man of science has just revealed the complete scam called "global warming" and look at how the regime's supporters are going after him. Folks this is just the beginning. The nail in the coffin to silence the greatness of America is about to be nailed shut and social security numbers waiting in the regimes presses that will eventually give the votes needed to forever transform America and end the Republic. It is with all importance that you contact your representatives now and tell them to stand with freedom and liberty and defund the DHS to stop Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty action. CALL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Butterfield, G.K.   D 202-225-3101

Ellmers, Renee   R 202-225-4531

Jones, Walter B.   R 202-225-3415

Price, David   D 202-225-1784

Foxx, Virginia   R 202-225-2071

Walker, Mark   R 202-225-3065

Rouzer, David   R 202-225-2731

Hudson, Richard   R 202-225-3715

Pittenger, Robert   R 224 202-225-1976

McHenry, Patrick T.   R 202-225-2576

Meadows, Mark   R 202-225-6401

Adams, Alma   D 202-225-1510

Holding, George  202-225-3032

February 19, 2015
YVTP Meeting tonight! Special meeting.
We have much to be concerned about. As Italy fears ISIS attacks on its homeland and Denmark becomes the next scene of Islamic terror... just what is our regime preparing? Well for starters the Marxist says there is no Islamic terrorist and his spokeswomen said that ISIS assassins just want a job. Say what! So I guess the Nazi's wouldn't have slaughtered millions if McDonalds had formed before 1936 and FDR sent them to Hitler? Rev. Graham said it correctly and we all better stay alert. But our own leader of the free world will only use "Christian" as a bad word and never the true culprit of terror... ISLAM. Well it all makes sense now that we know the socialist no longer believe in "Self-evident truths." That explains how they can sympathize with Islamic butchers that kill just to harvest organs. Hmmm... like abortion? Well America... just who do you think are planning on coming to America to kill us? You already know they've crossed our open border but even Jeb Bush and again Rubio want amnesty.  What difference does it make? One last thing to leave you with. Is it strange that two train accidents involving oil which is a vital component to our economy have had "massive accidents" in Virginia? And remember the Islamic terror attempt on this train bound from Canada to the US? Well today a massive explosion at a California refinery occurred. I guess just a mere coincidence. Special meeting tonight in Statesville!   

February 11, 2015
Sadly, when you add up the events since the Marxist became president it becomes clear that it's just a matter of time before our freedom and liberty disappears. The irony is that it won't need a single shot. Obama did the unthinkable with powers never given to the executive and Republican leadership is clueless. In the meantime cities across the US prepare remove Republican opposition. What's next? Well the signs are everywhere. Hezbollah is positioning all along our wide open border. The Marxist who has openly revealed his anger of Israel is meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood and inside the US... wives of our men fighting for freedom are being threatened. So America... what's next?    

February 9, 2015
Sheriffs expose the attempt by the DOJ to silence the only law enforcement elected to protect US citizens. The threat is just a tip of the iceberg speaking of which, new data reveals the growing lie called "global warming." Back to the growing threat to freedom... the regime is actively lying about everything from the jobs report to radical Islam. As Islamic forces continue attacks across Europe the regime continues to aid Iranian nuclear weapon development. Inside the US the regime secretly seeks council with Islamic radicals i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood while at the same time word confirming Islamic sleeper cells are building across the Land of Freedom. However, you should be aware of this since we confirmed our border is in collapse years ago and it appears deliberate from orders within the DOJ and the White House. Stay vigilant and pray our newly elected majority will finally stand on the side of freedom and liberty.    

January 28, 2015
Wow even we can be amazed at the  deception and downright blatant attacks on our fundamental American ideals! Did you catch that the Marxist gave full respects to a Islamic King from a nation that is bankrolling terror while doing nothing after a Islamic terrorist attack in France. At the same time the Marxist mayor of New York seeks to ban Christian worship. America it just gets worse! While the majority of US citizens want our border secure the Marxist seeks to secretly keep the border open to the point of putting people in place to make sure our own Immigration agents can't do their jobs that they gave an oath to do! Causing us to face disease once contained. Yes that is a total Constitutional breakdown. Folks, in the meantime our nation is deliberately being colonized by people and a religion that despise our freedom. Our own military leaders warn that they may not be able to continue operations due to the Marxist refusal of fiscal responsibility, which lead to real crisis looming just ahead of us. So what is the republican leadership doing? Giving us candidates that back all of the above! Well there is at least one freedom loving American citizen fighting back and her stand against common core needs remembering!       

January 15, 2015
What is happening to our nation? Florida banned the Bible from Public Schools. Duke University which is Methodist has students now bowing to Islam. Wake Forest has a Muslim Chaplin that is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood! Yesterday our government came out with the updated listed of who the extremist are and folks it's all of us! In Virginia the state government is going after parents of homeschoolers! Is it not enough that our borders are wide open. Now we have to deal with diseases once under control. Going to Disney is now dangerous and a direct result of open borders. At least we can relay to you that the phone calls you made during the Boehner vote had an affect. Could it be that a Conservative spine is beginning to appear? Folks a clear backbone is necessary to stop the Marxist who is making it all to clear who he supports. It's time to recognize that radical Islam is the real clear and present danger to freedom. 

We pause to bring to you news NOT being discussed in the main stream media but needs to be understood before misinformation hype happens again. Yes we are saddened by the Islamic terrorist attack in France which keeps us aware of the religion seeking to kill freedom ... Islam. However, today we want to educate each of you of the Global Warming hoax or as some have had to change ... "man caused climate change." These are the people the socialist want to keep quiet and keep from you.

1. NASA Scientist John Casey - Back in 2013 he racked the "political scientist" with irrefutable facts that weather data is being manipulated to deceive. Recently he warned that the Earth is heading into much colder period and we need to be prepared. His attention to detail and new work was just sent to us! FOLKS YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION!  

2. Professor Terry Lovell had already pulled together leading NASA scientist and their data back in 2012 to show the obvious manipulation of the facts by the socialist left.   

3. Chief meteorologist for ACCU weather Joe Bastardi went after chief "political" scientist Bill Nye for huge distortion of facts on Fox News back in 2010 but the left will not stop! Why? At least in 2013 the global hoax scientists are avoiding open debate. Why? Well while pondering keep up with the facts from Bastardi. You must review and educate to stay ahead of the propaganda!

4. We introduce to you for the first time one of the scientist rocking the scientific community with his knowledge and facts blasting all the propaganda being waged at you. Save his lecture and we ask that you play it at every Tea Party meeting when discussing global warming!

5. This is the reason you must educate those around you.  The carbon tax being pushed on every human being in the world is the greatest fraud ever and is the ultimate attempt by the socialist to force social justice via the UN.

Tonight we remember a sacred event that has been central to American History. It's Christmas and we ask all to join us at midnight in prayer and ask for God's guidance and grace. We've reported that our border is being invaded once again. It appears that our own government has been helping these aliens and just how are these aliens getting so many US passports? We should all be concerned! Christian persecution is increasing via Islamic terrorist which have now crossed into the US and actively recruiting. As we are writing this to you the regime is continually working to undermine our freedoms. Patriots never forget our heritage and educate your family and friends. Don't let the United States fall!    

December 22, News
As America prepares to remember the birth of Jesus Christ the leader of the regime heads to paradise feeling mission accomplished. He has restored ties with fellow communist in Cuba. He has sent his useful idiots into our Christmas season and allowed them to attack the men and women trying to keep the home front secure. So what happened to peace on earth with this liar-in-chief as he hits the waves? Christians are being executed in the very places that the US Military once held secure. The people murdering Christians are as we write to you being set to be released by the regime. But America... the attacks on our freedom are being felt right here and spreading from city to city. As our police are being warned and our Christmas being ripped apart lets understand the true reason this is happening. As Patriots and fellow Christians we need to stand together and push for truth. Never forget that the United States is and was established as a Christian nation. Pray that the republic will be restored! 

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here“-        Patrick Henry

"I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator." -          Thomas Jefferson

"It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible. Of all the dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, our religion and morality are the indispensable supporters. Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that our national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." -          George Washington


December 9, News
Buckle up the regime and its useful idiots are trying to set all America on fire. We are now being told the LA fire was intentional and used to shut down interstate travel. Furthermore recent leaked documents confirm the regime behind cartel / terror cells movement into the US. Texas is desperately attempting to slow their movement.  Is this the beginning of orchestrated violence to spread all across the US? Just where does Obama stand with in this activity?? Lest we forget who he surrounds himself with. Do you think the regime has given up on taking away the 2nd Amendment? Well... think again! And remember ... their are many in the Republican Party that are also trying to keep you in the dark. We ask all to keep calling DC to stop Amnesty funding and the massive federal taking of land in the NDAA but America pray for guidance. We are entering a dangerous time period endangering freedom and liberty!       

December 7, News
Today is the anniversary of a surprise attack that killed over 3ooo American Soldiers on a Sunday in paradise. China is now the largest economy and is set to overtake the US Navy. Today even after the 911 terrorist attack we are more vulnerable than ever. Transnational Drug Cartels are spreading out across the US and the regime is responsible! Are we safe? Look at who the regime just released yet again!  The United States is now exporting drugs easily to further support DTO's (Drug Trafficking Organizations). Will the new Republican controlled senate rise to secure the US? Apparently not! So in the meantime the regime keeps stoking the useful idiots as our nation of freedom continues into decline. All we can determine... as this clear and present danger grows... is that it's deliberate! The thought that we all need to ponder on... is with our borders failing and known terrorist and their DTO's friends freely entering the land of freedom. Will we be able to stop an attack?  

November 25, News
The regime with its history of lying and deception faces a new danger. 30,000 emails from the regime's IRS leader lois Lerner have come to light. How many more emails will finally be found to prove this regime is out of control? Our question is: Is there hope to restore the Republic from the Obama disaster? Moreover, will the Republicans find the strength to stand and fight? And will our service men and women find any friend in DC? It's up to you America! The emperor seeks to undermine all our Constitutional liberties.  

November 21, News
We are about to participate in a holiday that was a center piece to the past republic. As of last night we now have entered a new era where the separation of powers has no value. There is only an executive branch now and the regime wanted this since the 1960's. Our borders no longer exist and even Mexico is now laughing at the once United States and demanding we pay just to cross the border. The question now is what will the Republicans do? Buckle like usual? Don't fall for the same old! Demand that the Regime be stopped. If not the republic is over and the United States just a page in history and it fell in one administration. 

We are confident that you understand the extreme urgency for prayer as tonight the Republic shakes. The regime holding America hostage will attempt to remake America and transform it into the Third World. Patriots we ask that you not only pause and remember the nation and its achievements. Then, pray for our citizens who right now are preparing to face a sure to come major invasion of illegal aliens. Tomorrow, call every representative you can and tell them to uphold the oath they took and prepare to stand with our Constitutional members of Congress. After tonight how will America be ruled? Is it coincidence that the regime chose Mexican Independence Day to announce the end of the US Constitution? Tonight join us in Statesville and remember the nation formed under God.   

November 14, News
America this is it the final nail into the economic coffin of the United States. Folks, DACA as the documentary revealed as well as the total numbers of illegal aliens that will be given amnesty will not be 4 million but far more and that's why the regime ordered 9 million green cards with expectations for a total of 34 million. The collapse can already be seen in the rural hospitals doting the landscape. Plus, the regimes useful idiots are killing Christ again and again. And who is waiting just off America's shores?? Well China and its socialist new friend ... the Russian bear. And just how is the regime making this happen??? Well... lie after lie after lie!  

October 29, News
Look at the latest headline from Germany! Radical Islam growing by leaps and bounds. Then, look at the journalist view of the Obama Regime... "most dangerous in history." And just what city did the anointed one rise into politics? Now... look who the regime keeps releasing custody of. And how many times have you heard this story repeat? And finally, even the DHS is trying to alert us of who else is pouring through our open borders! Well its ever more important that we keep up the fight and retake the Senate and then restore the Republic!   

October 16, News
As confidence in the regime continues to collapse be mindful of continued disregard they have to you. The CDC refuses to speak the truth causing the stock market to loose all gains for the year. All in while the regime continues to erase our military in the face greater attacks on personal freedom that now have placed women in combat for the sake of liberty. Here in America the socialist continue to attack the men and women in uniform working to keep us safe. Should we all become concerned? You bet! With our own fragile economy in the regimes crosshairs and the regimes useful idiots touting outright lies... it's understandable that no one trust the liar-in-chief.
America we ask that on October the 16th you find a computer and tune into the Border States of America!

October 10, News
Are you kidding us? It must be Halloween. The US Military is preparing for a massive pandemic. US generals are warning that EBOLA is heading to Central America and even link the deadly disease to our southern border! And we are warned that EBOLA areas of Africa are allowed free entry to the US! In the meantime while the White House hides from prostitutes and Obama causes a traffic nightmare in LA. The Secretary of State... despite every warning tells us that we must keep the borders open!!! It's official... the regime has lost its mind! Unless... its deliberate. What do you think? And by the way please inform the global idiots that the ice caps are freezing faster than ever.

October 7, News
We will keep it short today! Just read and reflect. Obama sent a letter of thanks to the mosque behind the beheading of an American citizen who went to work trying to pay the bills. Obama's head of the CDC said that securing the border to stop an obvious threat to all US citizens would cause a distrust of the government! Just what population would have this distrust? Hmmm... illegal aliens? In Africa where disease is spreading with the Islamic world right behind. Now, we ask that you read and ponder what Michael Savage is concluding.

October 2, News
As the regime continues to destroy our children's education more data keeps coming in supporting Obama's desire to make America a 3rd world entity. The never ending flow of illegals via the Gulf Cartel into Hidalgo County, Texas is about to pick up even more since the regime is removing the Border Patrol. The regime isn't even checking if illegals have a terrorist link! Don't forget as we warned upon returning from the Border in August ... to get ready for all the disease that will be spread by illegal aliens who were bused and flown all over the US at your expense! Should we worry? Well considering that the group the regime created ... ISIS is now 1 mile from Bagdad. And the US Marine that has been protecting the US .... well until the regime let Mexico take him! Is now getting some help from members of Congress. Instead of protecting the US and saving freedom around the world the regime seeks more 3rd world poverty and taxes to protect us... from another lie!  

September 29, News
With the weakening of America across the globe freedom comes under attack. China is about to crush Hong Kong. ISIS threatens Navy SEALS. Hmmm... could it be that many have come through our wide open border? All terrorist need is for some idiot to grant them legal status... hello John Boehner! And to take away our right to defend the regime seeks the DC way and when Islamist behead our journalist around the world remember ... it's just stress causing work place violence. It's just amazing at how anti-American the regime's socialist have become. Just look at their strategy for Texas! Just how can you tell a regime socialist? Well... this is how they talk and reveal themselves. In contrast their are many brave Americans seeking to preserve freedom and liberty. This is how they talk and sing.  

September 24, News
Should we worry? With military morale at an all time low plus a regime leader who lacks any ability to lead and a national border wide open... what could possibly go wrong? In the meantime our schools infiltrated by socialist continue brain washing of our children. Now facing the only nation built upon freedom and liberty is the collusion of socialist / communist to end freedom / pursuit of happiness by imposing a nation busting tax based upon junk science taught to useful idiots. THIS IS A WARNING OF WHAT SOCIALISM WILL LOOK LIKE!  

September 13, News
It's amazing how bold the regime has become to circumvent all Constitutional restraints. Obama seeks to attack the Islamic State that he rejects as Islamic! Let's see... they advocate strict interpretation of Sharia Law! Hmmm... sound like an Islamic law? They are adherents to the believers conditions to become muslim. Sounds Islamic don't you think? Well the secret is... that if so... it is the same as 2001 and the then President of the Free World went to Congress to seek a declaration of war. That's that the problem this president has been seeking a precedent to attack anyone, anywhere and without any authorization. It shouldn't shock you. Since 2009 the socialist feel you are to dumb to figure it out. Furthermore, they are working non-stop to weed out those that actually read the Constitution and even promote myths in order to still away the wealth of nations... yep ignore the truth and spread the global warming lie.  

September 3, News
Yesterday Beck warned that the election of Hillary is going to happen. Why? Because so many Americans are still unable to see the threats before them. Others just can't move away from party. Put it like this. Hillary personally caused the murder of our Ambassador and 4 brave soldiers. It was due to her incompetence and inability to understand Islamic goals. The regime leader is now facing the greatest threat posed by Islamic forces because of his incompetence or collusion. It's hard to tell the difference! But "across the aisle" stands Chris Christie who while visiting Mexico refused to visit the border and even mocked US security concerns! Why? because his backers want open borders. Folks a number of polls have suggested Christie / Hillary as the election choices. Here is the reality of our situation. Islamic forces are organizing for the goal of destroying America and the regime has known but ignored this for years which has enabled terror cells from across the world to infiltrate South America and all along our border with Mexico. Currently, the Mexican cartels and Islamic terror cells are building across the United States and how is the regime and Republican leadership reacting? They've lost track of thousands which is really millions and released thousands more that have committed violence in America! Just as shocking the one war the regime backed has now reported jetliners missing! And remember the group that has pledged to wipe the US / Israel out is backed by Iran and sadly already here. So who will you back? Do we have the time? Wake up and talk with your friends and family.    

August 19, News
We all know that the situation in Ferguson is being manipulated but what about your neighbors? Or the uninformed voters? Folks that's the real point. Just yesterday a clear and present threat to national security occurred but did anyone pay attention? The border to the United States is wide open and being breached everyday. Just who do you think are coming in? Answer: anyone! Meanwhile to end the Republican Party and silence the conservative voters the regime is actively working to force amnesty and channel the destruction of the middle class into a class and race war. In other words to gain votes. So who does the regime call into action? Well bring in the communist which we're sure Van Jones has on his speed dial. Then, bring in the misfits from OWS! Yep... they're back!  Anything it takes to keep America from focus. The one group that the regime, Hollywood, communist, and socialist leaning groups despise? Do we need to mention? It's you... those that love freedom, liberty, and Constitutionally led America i.e. "We the people."    

August 12, News
It's with great sadness to witness the mass genocide of Christians and it's easy to put the blame rightfully on Obama and his regime but America he was elected not once but twice. In other words the evil world of socialist and the millions of uninformed American voters all have innocent blood on their hands. It shouldn't shock anyone that the regime has not only stood silent but actually funded this mass genocide of Christians for years and part of the scheme caused the murder of our own ambassador. It's hard for us to imagine a US President with such hatred for freedom and liberty that would seek to weaken the last great hope that is the United States of America. This regime has lied and deceived the voters since 2009 and now the true results are glaring at us everyday and it is nauseating.   The worlds oldest Christian communities are wiped out and many are raped and murdered. For 1800 years they've held together but couldn't withstand the regime. Yes... Obama blames them instead of his own actions. And now the enemies of America and Christians worldwide seek to attack the American homeland. Folk's we can't help but shake our heads at Obama's supporters. Not only have they helped destroy freedom across the globe but now our own border has all but disappeared. Now we're wide open to those who hate us. There is hope and it shows with recent victories by those seeking to save the Republic and stop massive voter fraud but is there enough time America?   

July 28, News
Let's get this straight and please correct the misinformation. The overwhelming numbers crossing illegally into the US are not infants! However, many of the minors that meet "age" determinations by US Border / Customs officials are hardened criminals recruited by the people that actually control the Mexican Border i.e. Gulf, Zeta, Juarez and Sinaloa Cartel's! We experienced this first hand on our border trip. It's amazing to witness such lack of comprehension even in a conservative media outlet! Folk's the cartels threatened the US just before the onslaught began and have no fear firing upon our border enforcement! Furthermore, the cartels have learned to hide behind children and use them for their own needs. Hmmm ... sounds real familiar think Israel. We plead for people to wake up to the reality of the situation facing freedom and the security of the United States because the regime currently in charge is either blind, complicit or quite possible both. Therefore it's up to you to educate and stand!   

July 24, News
Folk's we've returned from 8 days on the Mexican Border. Our team travelled from the lower Rio Grande through Arizona filming our newest and most intense documentary. We can say right now that our US Border is NOT secure and in many areas beyond sustainability. We met with Sheriffs from the Texas Border Sheriff's Association as well as the Southwestern Border Sheriff's Association and many residents across 2100 miles of border. If you think this is just a border issue you better think again! The cost will be staggering! The criminal element is already in your neighborhoods. 

As we witnessed wide open corridors into the US we pause to look at the world. The regime seeks to isolate the last democracy in the Middle East and the regime's allies join in the streets of OUR nation! And the terrorist group that Obama caused to rise to power is now a full blown army. In the meantime the enemies of freedom have shown their power and disdain for America in NYC and who is to blame? Ummm... the regime! Yep the one that has caused a border collapse. As Texas tries to fix the problem the sheriff's are reacting and urging the governor to listen and residents across the Southwest react in outrage... at the socialist regime. Is it any wonder that the loss of freedom in the socialist controlled parts of the US is causing freedom to shift South? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!  

July 3, News -
We are receiving important info from border residents which are getting more disturbing! As the regime seeks to trash America and demonize the language of it's citizens to the point of refusing to witness the collapse of our border! This despite warnings issued to all Americans travelling into Southern Arizona! US Citizens caught in the middle trying to cope are also being told by the regime that if they talk "you will be arrested!" Folk's we're approaching Independence Day and the Nation once again is calling upon those that believe in freedom, liberty, and defending the Constitution to stand and hold the line. Our security guaranteed by Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution is being trampled by a corrupt regime and an equally dysfunctional group of rhino's! It's time to stand America!  

June 26, News -
Confirmed from border sources and the Blaze - Illegal Aliens are being told what to say. As we warned days ago Asylum is being prepared by the Marxist Regime. Should you care? Folks... as local enforcement is overwhelmed and disease spreads among US citizens and even darker menace grows. Islamic terrorist are looking to begin attacks on the US homeland. With this kind of evidence tell us why the Marxist is doing nothing along the border? Remember, what is now happening in Iraq is being labeled as a border invasion.  Well America why is this massive invasion of America being sanctioned by the regime? So while America is declining and our freedoms in jeopardy many across the nation remain clueless. It's time to wake up and educate your neighbors of the danger coming from the regime as well as the rhino faction seeking to keep conservatives silent!    

June 24, News -
As we keep reporting the border with Mexico has been overrun but we can report a possible face behind the cartel activity. You may remember Rafael Caro Quintero? Well let's shake your memory and look into his "investments." His  reach extended deep into Central America, which seems ironic that just this week the Marxist regime just freed assets to the notorious Cali Cartel! Yep... the greatest understatement of the Marxist Administration ... "Our border isn't secure." Folk's we've been informed that only 30% of illegal alien border crossings are met with US enforcement bringing probable numbers approaching 1 million just in the last few weeks. As Christians are escaping from Iraq the anti-American Islamic forces take control of the Iraq / Syria / Jordanian border. While here in America an Obama appointee proclaimed the US to be an Islamic nation! You're darn right American's shouldn't trust anything coming from the Marxist AdministrationEveryone should be demanding to find the truth before it's all destroyed. Folk's our nation is in such dire straits that the UN is being consulted. Just wait till these people have our border! We will keep adding info as more border data is collected but as for now we can tell you that our nation is in need of prayer... immediately! May God Bless America! Wake UP

June 17, News -
Watch out and prepare for executive orders granting full protection (amnesty) to untold millions of illegal aliens! First send the lawyers! Who are ordered to tell the aliens that they came to escape cartels / political strive which Obama's DOJ will tweak "amnesty rules" to give full amnesty. The aliens are being bussed and flown all across the US to spread the word, drugs, disease, terror cells, increase health care cost, lower wages, and higher taxes or as the Marxist understands... millions of new democrats.  In the meantime as the Marxist regime "looses" all of lois Lerner's emails the Supreme Court seeks to get rid of religious freedom. Welcome to Obama's world!

June 13 News - It's Friday the 13th America!
The Marxist told the world in 2009 he was going to forever change America's view to the world and reverse the so called "wrongs" the US committed. Well this is the result. Christians across the Middle east face certain death.  Terrorist caught for attacking the US homeland have been freed and a US Deserter viewed as a hero. The freedom given to Iraq via American blood is being replaced by radical Islamic ideology from the 8th Century. The Benghazi terrorist were able to murder our Ambassador via cell phones given by our Marxist. And one by one all the allies once loyal to the US are being dumped upon via the Marxist. In the meantime inside the US our border has fallen and as we mentioned in the June 11 news our sovereignty is in jeopardy. Our own citizens face attack for daring to stand for liberty and the family values based on Christ are being torn apart.  Yes... to the Marxist the world is finally right where it needs to be. Yes America it is Friday the 13th but Sunday is waiting.     

June 11 NEWS - America under attack!
Folks we ask that you read, educate, and share info with your friends and neighbors! Recent events along the US Border seem to fit a pattern. Please read and follow the story. Remember when the President ordered a US Citizen to be killed via a drone attack? And then the warning sent to the US afterwards? We've been warning you that Islamic terror cells are building and operating all across South America to include Brazil. Folks they've been joined by Iranian Qud's who've been operating in South America for years to include major spying operations and countless mysterious flights. Now let's fast forward to this Spring as new illegal immigration patterns have suddenly developed hampering all US Border Enforcement.  Is this just a strange coincidence or is this new invasion of the US a planned operation? Just after the President ordered the release of the top 5 Islamist Terrorist in Gitmo both Pakistan and now Iraq face renewed attack and cities once captured by US Forces are back in terrorist hands but at the same time our own Marxist led government warns us not to confuse the same terrorist? The President tells us that these people flooding our border are only "kids." Remember his dream act defined an illegal alien kid as up to 30 years old! Folk's this came from the Border Patrol as a plea for help. Does it sound like kids? A recent expert openly discussed how Boko Haram operates and we know Al Shabab is linked with them and operate also in South America. So why should we be concerned? If this latest invasion is being planned to deliberately overwhelm border security then who is doing it? Who all is coming in? And, what is their intent? Just this week we were warned that our US Military bases are being jeopardized inside the US by these "children!" To include several key bases used to train our citizens for military service. Since 2010 we've heard countless experts say to us that the way to bring down the US is from within because no Navy led invasion, Stealth Bomber etc would be able to stop the attacksFolk's pay attention!

June 9, 2014
The world is turning upside down! Breaking: Just days after the release of the Taliban 5 the terrorist unleash attack on Pakistan airport.

China has been hired by the Marxist to build American bridges even though they've never built one before! Is that like "I voted for it before I was against it?"  Strange... . And yet the Marxist is about to release more of the most dangerous criminals the world has seen because of yoga! Has Asia taken control of the White House? From Canada news is it possible more dry runs are being attempted? Folks we have no border and the numbers of illegal / criminal aliens in the US has to be approaching 40 millionOur resources are being drained forcing the economy of the US to the breaking point. And who is driving this? Well ... take a wild guess! AND NO ATTEMPT TO RECOVER OUR ILLEGALLY SEIZED US MARINE BY MEXICO... IT'S BEEN 70 DAYS!

June 6, 2014 News
If there was ever any doubt that a Marxist Coup has taken control of the United States. Well its official! While Mexico holds our Marine the Regime is freeing the terrorist captured by our own forces. This is treason and the regime is knowingly arming and giving comfort to those we're at war with. The regime has been quickly using unconstitutional powers to undermine the defense, security and safety of our own citizens by purposely causing the invasion of 20 plus million illegal aliens many of which we've documented as armed and deliberately seeking to undermine all US enforcement. Furthermore, to create social upheaval the regime seeks to destroy the traditional Christian family which is the heart of America. In replace of our Constitutional fabric the regime seeks to establish sharia based laws rooted in Islamic traditions that detest freedom and liberty and our children are being brainwashed every day! Yes America we've awaken to witness our freedoms at the mercy of a dictator. We hope you wake up and warn everyone that from all appearance the regime is working to destroy the United States and replace it with... well take a guess? A pure socialist regime.     

June 2, 2014 News
The Marxist frees a pro-Islamic deserter in exchange for giving up the Islamic 5 back to the Taliban. In the process the Marxist broke the law but hey is anyone shocked? In the meantime a pro-American soldier is still being held illegally just across the border in Mexico! Folks this is the new America that the Marxist has created. Just as the Islamist torture Christians and burn Churches in the Middle east, our Christians symbols are being hidden. England is already feeling the impact of liberalism which is the hatred of Christian ideals and America is quickly moving in the same direction. To finish off the last remaining Christian hope of freedom the Marxist is about to pull the trigger on our fragile economy. Once again the Marxist regime will do this via its national police force, while the regime's propaganda machine seeks to brainwash our children. America we're in the most serious point in history. Will you stand?   

May 29, 2014 News
We are greatly distressed in reporting the news today. Our nation is in full decline with its influence across the globe in jeopardy and yes the main culprits are Islam and a complicit Marxist regime. We can't understand the stupidity rampant in DC. As we see how our veterans are being treated the liberals seek to silence all of us. While our borders are being overrun purposely to undermine our freedoms. At the same time our US Marine is being held against his will with no concern from the Marxist regime. Folks we've already reported to you that Mexican Cartels are warning all of us and if you are a US citizen in Arizona watch out! The media will never be allowed to push the Marxist but what about you? Who will stand for freedom?   

May 27, 2014 News
We hope that all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day! From all appearances Obama seemed to go out of his way to meet our soldiers in Afghanistan. However, appearance was a deception. Was it an accident that the Marxist gave away our number 1 CIA operative in Afghanistan. At the same time Obama announced our troops will be leaving. Let's see was giving away SEAL team 6 an accident? Was EXTORTION 17 just an accident? Was allowing a muslim cleric to curse our fallen hero's just an accident? Was Benghazi just an accident? Folks Rev Graham is on to something... can anything else explain the Marxist Admin? Is it possible that they're just that incompetent? We don't think so... look what the Marxist is really using the military for now... yep it has to do with another lie - global warming, which some in Europe are waking up to.     

May 23, 2014 News
As we have shown you in past years we have received yet again news that wildfires across the Southwest are draining our resources and are being done deliberately to aid transnational drug cartel movement into the US! What does this mean? US residents, homes, ranches face immediate threat. AGAIN! As America is on fire can anyone tell us how many terrorist are operating in our midst? Does anyone really care? Are our school teachers paying attention? Or are they also being indoctrinated? Folks we have to speak out and stand with those that speak the truth or will the conservative voice of freedom be silenced and the fighting in Afghanistan appear in our own cities!   

May 22, 2014 News
Share this with everyone! The Marxist and his communist liberals are in the open. All recreational fishing in federal waters faces immediate threat beginning June 1. This is no joke and more restrictions are coming in July causing even some Democrats to ask questions. Think of it this way... while our veterans are being "eliminated" in Obama's VA hospitals the President sends 80 military personnel to Nigeria but nothing is being done for our Marine illegally apprehended in Mexico! At the same time the Marxist is forcing a land breech increase used by transnational cartels / terrorist into the US. In the meantime check out the expense of the new Homeland Security Headquarters in VA... $4.5 billion! And just into us tonight is the fact that the Obama regime refuses to talk about extensive IRS targeting of Patriots. What's next America?    

May 21, 2014 News
Low voter turnout led to GOP victories in yesterdays primaries... so where were you? Whatever the reason we ask that you keep an eye on the situation facing America. Folks listen and ask questions. Our national defense is being cut to a very small pre-WWII level, which means during the Great Depression! Our returning veterans are facing lack of treatment and unthinkable death panels in our VA care! With patriotic Americans being turned away from enlisting due to cuts let us ask "why the regime is opening the doors to our national security to illegal aliens?" Is the regime going to do away with the oath to support the Constitution? Or else how could an illegal join? America, we're in a truly troubling time period. Our nation is being reduced to the point we're running out of funds to put out the fires ironically set by illegal aliens. In the meantime as our military is being drastically cut our Federal "civilian" law enforcement is actively challenging our Constitutional rights. We have a President completely ignorant of our history and actively involved in uprooting the very document that secured freedom. It appears the liberals blame all of this on Patriots ... they especially espouse hatred on the President that championed freedom and stopped the liberal dream of communism. Wake up America! 

May 19, 2014 News
We just can't reiterate enough the extent to which the Marxist media hides from the truth. Case in point is the California wildfires. Gov Brown as a typical liberal Marxist in conjunction with Gore blamed it on global warming. Now America let's remember William Occam. He is the father of scientific theory and pushed forward the age old truth that states that the correct theory is the shortest and has the fewest assumptions. Over the years many including us in the Yadkin Valley Tea Party have warned that our Borders are wide open and America is being over run with criminal aliens. We remember Sheriff Dever and the Arizona residents frantic to get this clear and present danger out to the public and we went to them in 2011-2012 to see it for ourselves leaving no doubt that most of the fires are deliberate. Yet the media just can't bring themselves to mention the correlation.  Do you really think it's global warming as Gov Brown states? It's so obvious but yet barely makes a headline so it's up to us to keep you informed. Remember, Islamic Terrorist have been actively planning to light America on fire since 2013! America, "Only you can stop a wildfire." Start with asking for God's guidance and expose the liberal lies. We know who the Marxist seek to worship but what about you? Join the Tea Party movement which is now active across much of Europe but here in America yes the nation that gave the world hope for freedom our right to speak the truth is in jeopardy. Wake up America!!   

May 9, 2014
The Gop understands as well as the progressives that the way to defeat the Tea Party is divide the base. Case in point was the US Senate race in NC. The Conservative and Evangelical voter in most cases stand in unity especially in the case of Congressman Walter Jones but the wedge between Brannon and Harris gave Tillis the victory.  Elsewhere  animosity to Common Core unified Tea Party victories in Indiana. We hope all of you understand the importance of remaining unified especially in the world the progressive are attempting to create. In Virginia, they're trying to stop home Bible studies. HGTV was forced to end a pro-Christian program. Just this week we've seen a Jesuit Pope embracing MarxismGlobal warming is the game to complete the destruction of America and the tool to force Marxism is Amnesty. The main stream media hides the clear danger as the gangs spread across our cities. In Minnesota the ugly result has appeared.        

News May 8, 2014
Much can be written about the danger of splitting the Conservative vote during an election but folks we must redouble our efforts to stop Kay "lib" Hagen from returning to misrepresent the patriots in NC. The 2014 elections clearly stand at a crossroad where a left turn will throw the Republic into a socialist nightmare where freedom from government and even our Christian heritage will face unheard of pressure. In deed just this week we heard new rounds of deliberate lies from the Marxist regime first regarding Obamacare, then Benghazi and perhaps most important for you to remember... we have no economy. At least we have some hope that the targeting of Conservatives will finally have its day in court!    

May 5, News
MEXICAN MILITARY invades Arizona neighborhoods. Yes, that has been verified to us via residents in Arizona but folks nothing seems to make a lick of sense anymore. America! The Marxist is sending Mexico 18 US Blackhawk Helicopters even though they have been used to invade the US and is in collusion with the Marxist! Why America? Is it a shock that the Marxist regime is working with terrorist and would deliberately lie to us? Folk's they condoned the murder of US citizens and the liberal media covered it up! Finally, some of the tech companies are stepping forward to warn us of the out of control regime.  Well what else needs to be said? It's official that the Marxist Admin deliberately lied and manipulated official reports in order to influence the 2012 elections. Impeachment proceedings should be next... right? Not with the Marxist media that would be pulled down by the same data! The truth in this is apparent with the news of our economy falling apart but yet the media uses propaganda from the regime that it's all because of cold weather. Yep... just like the Marxist failed foreign policy that murdered our Ambassador was just from a youtube video. In the meantime no let up in federal seizure of private property this time in California. Folks this is getting out of hand! In Colorado US High School students are forced to say the US Pledge in ARABIC complete with the statement "under allah." Eric Holder was recently exposed with forcing banks not to lend money to any gun stores hmmm... sounds a "little bit" like sending the IRS after patriots! We're sure there isn't a "smidgen of truth" in that! Folk's how much more info do we need to reveal to show that this regime is deliberately trying to bring down the Republic? Just yesterday SCOTUS gave the green light to the EPA! If the liberals hold control after the 2014 elections the final end of the economy is set to collapse. Wake up! Watch the border! Educate your neighbors! And, pray for guidance.   

News: April 30, 2014 - 


Folks on April 25 we first broke the news of federal attacks on Florida residents but today and by the hour more developments are coming in to us! The attack on Red Snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is part of a renewed attack into sustainable control via the UN under Agenda 21. You may find this hard to believe or even some may yell "conspiracy" but before drawing such a conclusion please review the facts. A recent council which to our shock has been set up outside of Congressional oversight to regulate your ability to catch fish! It's called the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council that operates under the weather service. Wait a minute ... what? We dug back in our files to find that NOAA and the UN are tied together via the blue to white water initiative. In fact the GMFMC is more than just checking fish numbers and quality! Back in 2013 the GNFMC was caught with research samples that were not scientifically acquired . Back in 2012 sportsmen were actively becoming concerned that their rights and livelihoods were being denied.  Folks the key phrase used by the UN under Agenda 21 is sustainable development and right smack in the center of NOAA is sustainable fisheries. Just recently NC was placed under the crosshairs of NOAA's attempt to appease Agenda 21. To all of you along the Atlantic Coast and especially the Gulf of Mexico you are facing the same attacks as ranchers out westUPDATE!!! NOAA  WON A LEGAL BATTLE ON APRIL 12, 2014  ... BY A FEDERAL JUDGE!!   You can bet the Gulf Council of propaganda is working to further a progressive ideology and you must work quickly to educatePeople of interest in the Gulf region include Charlene Ponce and Emily Muehlstein!  If not our right to fish in our own waters will be taken hook, line, and sinker! More news on this is still coming in and is being shared with Tea groups and other patriots across the US. Remember to read the hull truth!     

April 25 News
America we ask for you to read and research for yourself!
It appears the Marxist regime is working to undermine all Constitutional restraints. Yep... as Putin is testing the West our own government is coming for you. This past week residents in Florida are warning us that the Federal Government is coming after fishing rights limiting residents from fishing without federal licenses! Folks it just doesn't make any sense and you must listen to this about Red Snapper! Well after we were contacted we began to do research about water rights and found the federal government is actively seeking to control all water in the US. Why? Well despite what you may think about Alex Jones this article seems to be the only logical conclusion. So just in case this is too "conspiracy" for some well we found this clarification and we ask you to read and even contact any recreational fishing residents for yourself! America this is the same tactic being used out West and we warned you that Ranchers have said it's only going to get worse and the fed's will be coming East!  You need to wake up America! While some are looking to defend via guns you need to keep learning the game! We can win through election and the Tea Party wave is rolling! Just yesterday the Tea Part scored a huge victory in Florida and in North Carolina Gregg Brannon is gaining strength! You can bet the regime is watching and coming up with plans to stop American Patriots! Folks the death of the Republic will be amnesty and pay attention to the characters seeking to undermine the Constitution! At the heart is brainwashing our children via Common Core! America! The Regime and it's rhino supporters seek to keep you from the truth please read an educate your friends and neighbors!

The Marxist and his Rhino Republicans seek another plan to force America to accept illegal aliens. Why? And just who are continually seeking to undermine US Security to the point that the Marxist openly evades US enforcement to make it happen. America it just doesn't make sense that illegal aliens come in extending drugs, prostitution and human smuggling rings across over 3000 cities and yet the fed's are going to monitor legal Americans! Then an American patriot family farming for over a century is called a "domestic terrorist" while the feds put sniper teams on their family and even kids!! Even more perplexing is the fact the Marxist regime is seeking to arrest EVERY true Constitutional freedom loving patriots! Folk's this is the real face of treason and America's sheriffs are aggravated that criminal aliens are being released without any scrutiny. Why? Oh yes... the Marxist and his rhino's refer to them as "acts of love seeker's." Well  act's of love have fired up Arizona once again but we bet you'll never see this on the news. Here in NC our very own RHINO progressive backs Obama's brainwashing of our children and Mr. Rhino the Tillis apparently appreciates all the acts of love since even the progressive bastion known as the Chamber of Commerce has fallen in love with him! Why? Well he seeks to restrict our ability to drive by forcing toll taxes down our throat and turn over our interstate highways to Spain! Guess more "acts of love" will be coming to NC thanks to uncle Thom the rhino! So once again we ask why are progressive Republicans like Tillis seeking to destroy the American spirit and the Constitution that protected us? Power and money folks! Is there hope? How about the only candidate backed by proven Conservative Patriots! Yep, Gregg Brannon and Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Cruz are pleading for us to stand with Brannon and send him to stand with them to protect the Republic!  

Join us Thursday April 17 to hear Dr. Gregg Brannon in Statesville! Due to size we've moved the location from the Iredell County Library to Cornerstone Church! More news coming soon but invite your neighbors and join us to hear a true patriot speak at 7 PM!!


If the stupidity of the fed's trying to create Constitutional Free zones isn't enough... add to this the warning that power outages are coming. Just who is behind all of this? I think we all know.  

Charlotte Mayor and fellow Democrat supporter of President Obama facing Prison. For immediate consumption! As North & South Korea exchange fire and the Marxist regime spread massive new rounds of propaganda and even worse disaster is about to occur. Another release of criminalized illegal aliens! Let's say in a more truthful way: illegal aliens that have already broken the law by entering ILLEGALLY and have been caught committing even more crime are being released by the ten's of thousands! FOLKS WAKE UP!!!!!!! We are facing a complete collapse of immigration enforcement! How do you think this new development by the Marxist will be perceived around our NATIONAL BORDERS? Anyone that still denies we're entering a serious crisis needs to remember how the ZETA Cartel took control of most of Mexico. America, that collapse of enforcement we have documented along the Arizona / Mexican border is about to happen everywhere. What does have to do with elections? Think California! As we reported below there is a renewed federal attack upon our Constitution such as the EPA attempting to seize all water rights and now a new attempt to shut down oil drilling! Sadly the few business's trying to weather the Marxist regime are about to be regulated out of operation

NEW DATA: Please read on pass on to others! 
Most of the comments made to us regard the loss of freedom. In doing research we came upon some alarming facts. Starting with the DHS. What are they supposed to do and protect? We already have excellent Police, Sheriff's, FBI, Marshalls etc... . So what is the DHS? Well it seems they are trying to become the Nation's Police! We've already documented their attempts to undermine the Sheriff's who are our only elected Law Enforcement. Think about it for awhile... so who are they protecting us from? They're already moving on local citizens and are attempting to make us believe there are "Constitutional Free Zones." Wake up! Then there is the TSA. It appears they're heading to arrest authority or have they already been armed and operating? In case you are thinking... "come on... this is just some conspiracy." Well how about a local news report and yes look closely because they are armed! Folk's that would mean federal enforcement would supersede control from this nation's borders to the interior especially all areas involving travel (airports, train stations etc). What are items they are actively targeting? How about gun confiscation? And what about the recent actions of the EPA? Federal attempts at grabbing land to include all water sources? Control all water sources... really? Why? Now examine this: As we've reported since 2011 our national border's are not secure but America who is helping Transnational Cartels and known Islamic Terrorist get into our cities? Just how many Sen. Leland Yee's are there? How many weapons are already being stockpiled for attacks not in Syria or Afghanistan but right here in the USA? More importantly is there any collusion with Russia? Well... what do you think? Why it doesn't seem to make media noise is astonishing! Especially since Russia is gearing up for a much larger invasion of the Ukraine and perhaps Poland! Remember our Marxist leader told Russia he would be more "open" after the election. Obama has a history of going after American ideas and supporting those hostile to freedom, liberty, and in Africa as here he is backing anti-Christian forces. It should shock everyone reading this! Obama has been sending troops and equipment to go after anyone attacking radical Islamic factions. And in America just examine what recently occurred in Washington, DC. Then, remember the battle a patriotic family is fighting to keep their child. Folk's we live in difficult times and we ask that you continue to pray for guidance and stand for our freedom's and together we will take America back. AND AMERICA find out if you have a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF who knows what's going on.    

Folk's it can't get any clearer what Marxism has in store for the United States. To make it to their goal several events have to occur. Patriotic citizens have to be minimized. To really push America into socialism the right's of citizens especially the ability to defend must be overturned. Meaning to end the 1st Amendment the 2nd needs to go away. Brainwashing our children is part of the process and Common Core is the measure. There is hope we can rally around and that's the sheriffs and other Constitutional law enforcement officers needing your support! Just remember we're fighting against a regime that never follows the rules established in the Constitution and has shown a history a silencing Americans seeking liberty. America, it also appears our Marxist-in-chief is supporting Socialist and pro-Islamic factions with one desire. To destroy freedom and silence the source that gives hope and ensures independence. America, we can defeat the powers of darkness through prayer and standing up. It's time to rally!

Due to continued interest we will keep the March 6 news highlighted below. In the meantime this is the world the Marxist progressives have created. Russia begins its move to regain its glory under the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic). The US Socialist seeks to block any attempt to stop it's secret police from targeting American Patriots. The Marxist regime continues to enlist illegal aliens as voters to block citizens from regaining control of the Republic. The Marxist regime seeks to turn free speech over to their socialist allies.  The Marxist final push to destroy the free economy appears to be nearing. Rhino's allied with the Marxist regime are desperate to stop freedom from ringing. Even in NC the rhino senate candidate Tillis and his socialist friends in the court go after the one true patriot seeking to oust the most liberal socialist in NC History. Folk's the scandals that in times where liberty once ruled would've put in prison such Tories but now seem to go nowhere. In the absence of true American leadership the terrorist given aid an comfort in Benghazi are moving to attack America once again. In absence of the Republic of Liberty (i.e. USA) it's Germany that seeks to defend the Western Powers against Socialist... we do appreciate the irony. But ask your-self, why would the socialist regime in America seek to undermine the socialist regime of Russia? Didn't the Socialist regime tell Russia that if the Marxist was re-elected he would give them more room? Well... .? America WAKE UP!! 

March 6, 2014

What you are about to read should cause each of you to think and research for your-self. We've warned of the immediate danger along the US Southern Border. Recently the world has been focused upon the Crimea where Russia is testing the west. Let's ask, why? What's the point? Well we know that Russian oil / gas pipelines feeding an ever dependent Europe feeds right through the Ukraine just as parts of the former Russian state of Georgia. Hmmm... . We also know that Russia supports the Assad regime in Syria and Iran was sending its Qud's force to help the pro-Russian Syrian regime. In fact, the UK Guardian talked about this very serious situation back in 2012. We also know that Islamic Terrorist fighting Assad seemed to be getting guns from Libya thus threatening the pro-Russian Assad? Well, that causes questions about what happened in Benghazi. Plus, just who was training the Iranian Qud's that were attacking US Forces in Iraq? And remember just how far reaching is the Qud's force? Again, who could possibly aid them? Furthermore, Iran's special op's have moved operation into South America after 2001 to include training Transnational Cartels in Colombia and then spreading elsewhere. Again, for what reason? And who could possibly provide such logistical operations? We know that regular flights from Iran to South America include flights with "unknown" cargo and personnel. Again... Why? We also know that these same operations and equipment are occurring along our US Southern Border! Congresswoman Sue Myrick tried to get answers! Glenn Beck attempted to raise concern on this subject also. But once again we ask who could give Iran such intel and logistical help?  Do we hear ... Russia? This information came on February 17, 2014!  What else is happening across the world recently?? Well... look at what Israel just intercepted! Again... who could possibly pull out such coordinated efforts around the world? Now let's ask this... how is it possible that Iran has developed a nuclear program that appears to be making a whole range of weapons? Could this also help explain why illegal border crossings into the US are getting bolder and frequently armed? Just what do OTM's (Other Than Mexicans) know? We know now that Russia is supplying Islamic groups fighting US Forces but what are they preparing here in the USA? Remember, our Marxist President has cut our Military to pre WWII levels and increased DHS numbers. Why? After all, for some reason Russia is negotiating to open military bases in South America and Cuba. Why? What could Russia bring to these bases? As if we need to ask! Last questions: Why did  the Marxist order Secretary of State Kerry to announce the Monroe Doctrine is over! Did you miss this in the news? Yep, just as Russia moves to South America! Again... WHY?

Look at the world we've been forced to endure! Thanks to our Marxist Regime Islamic terrorist are regaining the Middle East. Our embassy's in many areas sit idle in Libya our Ambassador and the soldiers that protected him are dead. Besides as we reported earlier Russia is moving to create bases in South America / Cuba and Putin's Communist are moving into a democratic republic. At the same time our Marxist-in-chief is cutting our combat readiness to 400,000... well America it gets worse. Our governors are trying to save the National Guard!  Just when it can't get any worse word arrives that the two main communist leaders are joining up! The democrat's have basically told all of us trying save our freedoms ... to... well read for your-self! Folk's the world is in a serious crisis and guess who warned this was going to happen? Should we worry of a complete socialist take over in America? You bet! Look at Obama's recent huge victory! Yep! Deport Christians but bring in transnational drug cartels and terrorist! So can we hope the Republicans will save the day? NO! Wake up America!

As the Marxist march toward destroying our Constitutional freedoms to include monitoring our movements and yes are in the process of going after  2nd Amendment rights! It's only getting worse. Patriot groups are being searched without probable cause and we thank the Milwaukee Sheriff's Office for standing up however the progressives are counting on you and the socialist media to remain silent! Remaining quiet is being felt across California where it is now against the law to wear the American Flag! Even if the media confronts Marxism it is clear they seek to evade the real questions! Much of the world is watching as Marxism is preparing to unleash violence in Europe all over again. However, as the Marxist-in-chief cuts America's fighting force to 400,000 the Marxist in Europe is moving to the shores of Cuba. Ask yourself... why now? Are there potential Brown Shirts waiting in the shadows? America we must stand now to turn this Country around! Even Greenpeace is waking up to warn us that something is wrong! Think about it... look who is hiring known terrorist to monitor the health of America. Who will fight tyranny building in the USA? Who will stand for America's Christian values? It's each of you!        

Folks new evidence has surfaced that should concern all of us! It begins with a "wrinkle" of property confiscation out west. Remember the Marxist and his progressive Socialist seek process not issues to gain control and turn America into a National Socialist utopia. To do this they need legal ways to gain control to ultimately change the Constitutional Republic. We all know the lie perpetrated that only 11 million illegal aliens live in the US. The real number of the alien population is at least 20 to 30 million. However, while we battle over the "numbers" effects on American wages, rising cost of education, prisons, state & national debt, terrorist entering etc... the progressives move the process. Removing our land is a big part of the process. To stop our economic ability to be independent they put vast tracts unavailable for drilling.  No one stopped the process! As true socialist they found a wound to drive home their agenda. It all began not with the Marxist but with a Republican back in 2001. Idaho attempted to put a light on the subject! In fact it couldn't happen without the support of progressive Republicans who are still attacking Patriots who attempt to put the light back on the Constitution. The use of eminent domain has long been a tool to change the process but now it's about to explode. States are trying to wake up but the media is largely silent. Now, Sheriffs across the nation are feeling the pressure and potential massive loss of individual freedoms enshrined by the Constitution. One of the fears is the rise of national police force which has zero Constitutional authority but is actively probing weaknesses in the Sheriffs. Before you think this is just another Conspiracy theory please follow this through and look at the many players. Folk's the process is becoming ever clearer and today we are hearing the warning of "Constitutional Free Zones." Where is the media? Their view is that if they don't report it then it doesn't exist. It's been in the "process" since 2011 and placed in action with little knowledge. Today, people can report to us about life in a Constitution "Free" Zone in such Conservative states as Texas! America your 4th Amendment is being taken from you very eyes and with that your 1st and 2nd are in clear and present danger. Let's ask, "who will protect us from them?" It's the sheriffSheriff Todd Garrison has been holding the line but we can report to you that he is being shut out of discussions with BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Land is being taken along the border to attempt to shut out the Sheriffs from stopping the relentless flow of aliens into America. In the process, the constitutional rights of citizens all across America are being removed. We all know why! And it shouldn't shock where this is leading. Hello, climate change to force a tax to spread socialism everywhere. No wonder the process has spread to creating new "educational camps" for our children. The "process" as you have seen can come in many different names. Now you understand why the liberal, progressive, socialist, rhino's or whatever they may call themselves seek to stop the one movement seeking to restore the Constitution which is now catching the eye of freedom loving people around the world! Wake up America!   

The Republican leadership united in a full frontal attack to make sure our nations debt ceiling is raised over 18 trillion dollars. What a minute ... what? Not a single concession was made! Were they afraid of the latest government ammo buy up? Perhaps they're angry that Tea Party backed elected Patriots such as Cruz is causing America to wake up? Or maybe they're upset that Tea Party backed Sen. Rand Paul is standing virtually alone to stop the liberals and rhino's from turning America into a Socialist nightmare? Folk's we've got many troubles in this Republic and just look at the signs of what could happen if the Marxist continues to cause job losses or even under Obamacare to cause hours to be cut. Must we remind you of the disgust the Marxist has for Christian's that stand for freedom. Wake up America!   

It is with urgency that you stay informed and keep the truth from vanishing! As Obama's fellow socialist try to silence Constitutional Patriot's it's nice to hear the few true Republican Conservatives stand by our defense. It's for you they're standing! Remember the Marxist stated nothing happened! How long will America listen to the Liar-in-chief? In fact we were told that Brian Terry was shot and two weapons were recovered. Folk's lets remind the DOJ that it was 3 weapons and that Officer Terry was shot in the back! Remember this does not answer why Obama sent weapons to the Sinaloa Cartel nor does it answer why Obama wants people with terrorist ties in the US!  Makes you really think about why we will never get answers pertaining to the US sending guns to help terrorist in Syria! Plus, why is Obama trying to destroy the energy abilities of America?  Or even better... place a cop killer advocate in charge of enforcement!!
The Socialist bait and switch scheme is in full attack mode. The media reveals a down an out Marxist but the reality stands to differ. First please read about the rise in heroin use. Then look at the main border sector crossing in Arizona... yes the Mexican city of Aqua Prieta. We showed you the danger in our documentary in 2011! Folk's it's getting even worse. Sectors all across the border are falling apart. In fact... check out how the Mexican Drug Cartels have completely over run Mexico and moved across the US! We know that opium from the middle east has changed the Cartels and Iran is smack in the middle! America! Islamic terrorist are playing us like a harp!  We've documented terror cells building across America under Obama's watch and how Fast and Furious was just part of a wider scheme to get arms into the hands of terrorist in Benghazi and Syria, which is backed by Iran. We have to stand up for the Constitution but it may come with cost! Fact! Syria has not given up its weapons of mass destruction nor will they! Fact! The Marxist controlled media will continue to hide the clear and present danger to America! Fact! DC is now the leader of Marxism. Fact! The Marxist in true liberal fashion is deliberately lying! Why? Are we becoming one big target? Let's remember the nation our founders fought to give us as a last hope of freedom! And, yes America never forget the Alamo!  

As the 2014 election gets ever close the regime is in attack mode to stop liberty from speaking! Yes that's right the establishment that witnessed the rise of patriots across America in 2009 is in fear of loosing their hope of turning America into a Marxist / Socialist bastion! Remember when the regime said "you were going to be called out?" We the people cried out "Can you hear us now!" Folk's we've been warned that a full attack on your free speech is under way. Let us repeat... the Marxist leader is directing the move to silence freedom. In Texas, the liberal "Battleground Texas" organization was caught on camera revealing who they really are. The director who brought us the documentary 2016 is being called out. However, it's you the Tea Party that the progressive leaders see as the threat and they will do anything to mock and discredit freedom to the point they will slander the words of Christ and make Him a abortion leader. The socialist's know that to kill liberty they must have illegal votes / voting irregularity but we ask just what side of humanity do Marxist support? America watch this 19 min documentary from a whistle blower! Then ask yourself... "just what is DHS supposed to do?" The new progressive hell called NY came right out and said for all freedom loving patriotic  people to get out! What about the rest of the country? Is the IRS being prepped for a much larger attack on our Civil Liberties? Folk's this is just part of the truth that is being kept from you! America wake up! Remember why we marched in 2009! Stand Up America! The torch of Liberty is in your hands

Sen Leahy warned the government is trying to control the people. Really? It had to be the greatest understatement yet in 2014. As our children are being force fed communism and told lie after lie the media remains quiet as patriots stand to defend Liberty! Folks the media wants all that love the Constitution and defend our Founders silenced. We are led by a brazen regime that lash out anytime we hold them accountable. Let's stand with Louie Gohmert and demand the truth be told

Breitbart put up a telling article of where islam stands in America. Folks you need to stop and take 30 minutes to read the article and then come back and remember what happened in Michigan and the many people that are warning America that sharia law is coming. How you may ask? Well one way is pass illegal immigration reform putting potentially 20 to 30 million votes into the Democrat party. Why should this bother us? Well remember this from the DNC convention in 2012? And then remember this past year what the liberals tried to do to Duck Dynasty! Wake up America!


These are the facts being kept from America:

1. The Marxist regime knowingly allowed the murder of an American patriot in order to supply guns to the Sinaloa Cartel. They were the third gun!

2. The Marxist regime is knowingly working to undermine US security by refusing to secure US Border's.

3. The Marxist regime knowingly allowed the murder of American patriots in order to supply guns to terrorist in Benghazi and Syria. Plus, the regime knowingly allowed the disclosure of SEAL Team 6 leading to the murder of 30 Patriots.

4. The Marxist regime knowingly and is still continuing to use the IRS to target American patriots in order to stop the truth from being told.

5. The Marxist regime knowingly is using the NSA to monitor and store all emails, phone conversations, and other computer activity of every American.

6. The Marxist regime knowingly passed illegally the greatest attack on Liberty in US History! Obamacare.


As the United States faces an Artic Blast which we're sure will be blamed on Global Warming by idiot socialist... even France laughs at their stupidity in Antarctica! In the meantime the Marxist is extending his agenda to force the closing of Christian businesses across the once land of the free and the home of brave... whoops the Marxist is going after the brave also! Why destroy our volunteer fire depts.? Hmmm??? Let's see if this helps? Hmmm?? Wonder what federalized rural and small town fire departments would be like? Unionized and local residents forced to pay Union dues (taxes)? Sound crazy? Look at Iraq which the US Military had freed from terrorist! Now Obama and his muslim allies have reversed all that was accomplished from 2001 to 2008! The new surge is coming from Iran! Let's get this straight. The world sponsor of terror is pledging to stop terrorist? Really? That's why Obama's Marxist agenda seeks to keep patriots from the truth! And don't forget the Rhino's are seeking to keep YOU in the dark! Wake up America!!! 

I don't even know why we have to keep mentioning this! But, it's because Socialist are as irritating as Everglade Mosquitoes! Folk's, the great global warming lie is causing the reckless endangerment of idiot lives. Case in point are the many caught in growing ice packs in Antarctica. THEY WERE GOING TO SHOW THE RETREATING ICE PACKS REPORTED BY GLOBAL WARMING IDIOT SCIENTIST! Is there going to be an end to this stupidity? Two years ago we reported a global idiot team on cross country skis in Alaska going to report less Artic Ice but became stranded in a blizzard! Then, this past winter some "global scientist" tried to make up data that Alaska was melting when at the same time people reported to us from Alaska that these idiot scientist must be in a parallel universe! People are getting "FED" up with all the lies! We can't imagine how the Benghazi survivors can take it anymore and just what were they threatened with to keep them silent for this long! Well on this last day of 2013 we can report good news that ESPN is recognizing a true American hero.     


"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here“-        Patrick Henry

"I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator." -          Thomas Jefferson

"It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible. Of all the dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, our religion and morality are the indispensable supporters. Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that our national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." -          George Washington

 "An appeal to arms and the God of hosts is all that is left us. But we shall not fight our battle alone. There is a just God that presides over the destinies of nations. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God. I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.” -          Patrick Henry

"We have staked the whole future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments.“

 -          James Madison

"We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and true religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -          John Adams

"Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.“

 -          John Jay (First Supreme Court Justice)

 "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.”  -          1782 United States Congress -  Passed As A Resolution

Wake up America!!!  


America how can we explain more clearly the threat to our freedom? The Marxist regime seeks to remove all the structures that made our nation free! Today we learn that the USPS is ordered to cancel Christmas! But folks the danger is creeping ever closer. We continually receive word that the US is being invaded without let up and the people the Marxist are inviting are after the destruction of our Constitution! As Eric Holder gets a free ride after committing treason as ordered by the Marxist... his Socialist boss seeks to brainwash our children with more Common Core propaganda! And, finally get ready to see our Constitution face another onslaught from the Marxist! America wake up!! This Thanksgiving pray that freedom will triumph! After all our fight isn't just against the Marxist. The Rhino Republicans are trying to silence you also!  

As the Marxist continues his disdain for anything Christian his fellow liberals seek to increase state control of civilians. From Texas, motorist forced to give up their DNA, in Oakland California citizens forced into monitoring and in North Carolina the liberals force citizens to give elected Marxists raises! And just where are the socialist spending money outside of Obamacare? Well... how about to terrorist! This is more than just bizarre! And just where can you go if you are with Al Qaeda? How about Kentucky!! Folk's WAKE UP!!

The Marxist plans to create 
Gun Control by forcing a tax without congressional approval that will cause gun store operators to close up shop and small gun operations from operating! Who cares if all taxation is supposed to originate in the Congress... WAKE UP AMERICA!! If that doesn't work and/or finish off gun operations ... well they have another push! Just change the 2nd Amendment! Don't think it can't happen especially with socialist idiots such as Sheila Jackson and a 30 million population just waiting to change America forever! Folk's don't let freedom fall! The Marxist seeks to control all your activities to include how you live! To see what is going to happen just look at France! You can turn this around and through efforts of patriots the pressure is building!!!!!

Can freedom still ring! Yes! Just listen as Sarah Palin rips into NBC! Folk's our nation is being threatened with a total collapse of freedom and ACORN is directing your health care! America you need to stand with patriots such as Palin, Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz fight because freedom is a heartbeat from defeat. More attacks on Christians in the US Military causes one to question are they being purged? In socialist controlled parts of America guns are being seized! Is this the last desperate attack as the Marxist watches Obamacare collapse? Or, is the fight over our self-evident freedoms just beginning? There are people trying to stand against marxism and restore freedom!

The UN just had to revise their continued lie of climate change but they did say because of climate change we will have cold winters and hot summers with floods and draughts in various parts of the world! Really??

As the liar-in-chief seeks to con America into socialist control his allies in the Republican Party work to destroy the conservatives! Why? Because you are the only hope God has placed to take America back! Just look at the new America the Obama and his Rhino's have created! A military that hates Christians and embraces Islam to the point murder is hidden and deception reigns! Folks Obama's rhino pro-socialist are working right now to pull the plug on those standing to save the Constitution! We are heading to full government seizure of freedom! Folk's they will stop at nothing to silence those trying to warn and fight back! AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!!!    

As the regime continues to lie and deceive over Obamacare and spying on enemies of Marxism... yep the Christians! One has wonder in what places does the liar-in-chief shop? Well in the same place all the other thugs hang out! No wonder the border has to remain open and democracy sent into a tail spin ! Here in North Carolina Obama's propaganda stooges are at work even though their site is corrupt! Soon even your car will be used against you! The Marxist thugs are hitting us in everyway! Wake up America because everyday is now Halloween! 

What a
complete nut case... really! So all the CHRISTIAN men, women and children beaten, raped, and murdered by the Islamic "rebels" from North Africa, Egypt, Libya, and SYRIA are ok? Only if Muslim kids die do we attack? Really?? Folk's this is sick!
Republican rhino's seek to undermine the Republic!

Obama Regime to join forces with Al QAEDA! SAY WHAT!!!!!!



The Hill finally
realized the truth!!!

Obama backed forces attacking Christians all across Egypt!

As we reported in the August 12 news - 
the amnesty tentacles may stretch even broader and just prior to Obama's El Paso trip! Yes... the Clinton's!

In today's press conference which appeared to be filled with Disney Reporters the Marxist is confident in the NSA. HELLO!!!
Look at the memo from the DOJ!!!!!!

AND the
lies keep hitting!

Phony scandal ? We think... not!!! It's just the beginning of the transformation of America!

The silencing of America being run by the White House!

IRS admitted if you are a Christian, Conservative, Patriot, Tea Party - they are coming for you!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The "
Information Sec" Oh whoops IRS Czar... whoops "agent" - Is now the head of Obamacare!!! Sounds more and more like Germany 1936!



How long will
America listen to lie, after lie, after lie, after lie, after lie, after lie! Well... this is the way the liars came into office in 2009!!!

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