MARCH 27, 2017

Recent development coming to us reveal perhaps the best understanding of the continual Russian alleged involvement in the past Presidential election. As it turns out the so called meddling never happened but the liberal media made a startling mistake. In attacking President Trump they outed General Flynn via an unknown contact (leaker) by claiming the General did talk with the Russian Ambassador. The leaker in doing so committed a felony by eavesdropping on a US Citizen. Moreover, theleaker couldn’t have listened without a FISA Court Approval which allowed monitoring of Trump Tower. That means Obama regime illegal spying even after the presidential election. What we’ve learned is that this is much larger than expected and President Trump has uncovered that and more. Let’s try to put it together.

1. The media and the Obama/Clinton Regime were convinced that their work in making up false polls and negative propaganda assured a Trump defeat.
It all backfired with Trumps win.
2. Since 2007 liberals had begun (with Congressional wins) to infiltrate all Government Agencies to block and disrupt any and all Conservative (pro-Constitutional) policy making. Then replace decisions with
complete socialism under the disguise of “social justice, open borders, global warming and anti-capitalism.”
3. The
Obama/Holder/ Jarrett/Jones team drastically altered the republic and the final solution to end the Republic was one more liberal chief justice and the Hillary regime. The election failed and the 2 month transition was not enough time to hide the illegal activity rampant from 2009-2016.
4. To gain time to derail the Trump team from
exposing the activity Obama/Hillary and their army of leakers worked with the media to create the “Russian Election Hoax.” The Flynn leaker inadvertently exposed the corrupt system. Trump’s tweet announced the jig was fully discovered and Devin Nunes today (March 27) is turning over the details to the Whitehouse.      


Yadkin Valley Tea Party